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UX/UI Designer

User Researcher



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STRECK offers high quality posters, focused on classy and minimalistic design. They offer posters of different styles, including traditional, contemporary and modern art. Some are a combination of old artwork with a modern touch, others are completely made by STRECK. 


My task for this project was to create and design an e-commerce website for a company that sells high quality posters. The platform Shopify was used and the entirety of the project has included user research, brand identity and the product design.

The goal was to create a website that is both visually appealing and easy for the users to navigate - on mobile and web.

Process and data collection

The research process began by conducting a competitor analysis, aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of both the target audience and industry trends. This comprehensive analysis involved various tasks, such as:

  1. Engaging in interviews with potential customers to gather valuable insights into their preferences and needs when shopping for posters.

  2. Scrutinizing demographic data, behavior patterns, and interests of the target audience

  3. Examining competitors' websites to identify best practices, features, and areas where improvements could be made.

Following the completion of user research and getti a better grasp of both consumers, we created a comprehensive requirement specification for the website. This specification included a thorough list of all the essential features the website needed.

The design phase was initiated with the creation of website sketches, of all the different pages and features. This included versions optimized for both web and mobile platforms. Subsequently, we developed wireframes to define the site's structure and layout. These wireframes were carefully crafted to establish a clear hierarchy and ensure user-friendly navigation. Key pages such as the homepage, product page, and collection page were given special attention during this phase.


Following that, we transitioned to the visual design phase, where the primary goal was to create a clean and modern design. This design work also incorporated the creation of high-quality product mockups to prominently feature the posters and make them the central focus of the site.


The website was constructed using the Shopify platform. In addition to designing the site and its products, we took on the responsibility of configuring all the necessary backend functionalities. This included tasks such as connecting the website to the supplier, setting up shipping zones, and managing tax settings, among other essential elements.


As this project unfolds, our anticipated outcome is to create a user-centered solution that effectively addresses identified design challenges, ultimately leading to an enhanced and more intuitive user experience.

The website is now live here.

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